Marriage and rape in Yemen

This video indicates how easily young girls are roped into child marriages, this 8 year old girl had no idea she was about to be married off by her family until she got to the wedding. Her family were dressing her up in nice clothes and putting make up on which they said was for a ‘treat’ but little did she know. Families are normally the ones who arrange these kinds of marriages. They also take part in the aftermath, as this young girl experienced. Rape within marriage is not a crime in the eyes of these people, and families are usually tools to help the, normally much older, husband to commit sexual acts upon their wives. Mothers and sisters as described by this girl are normally the ones to take part in this act, women who most probably had the same thing done to them when they were young brides.


3 thoughts on “Marriage and rape in Yemen

  1. I am shocked that the parents had such an important role in giving away their own children! and at such a young age, its so shocking. Very interesting blog and great writing and media.


  2. Interesting issues you’ve highlighted here, more should be done to protect these girls… but what CAN we do? Very sad 😦


  3. The problem of this issue is the poor knowledge and education of those parents. They just strongly believe in their religion, follow the culture tradition and they do what have been done by their parents for many years. those parents do not see a problem that they marriage off their daughter in this young age as they parents did the same thing to them. The only solution is to education the communities about the children rights and this culture tradition is against the intentional laws. they need to understand that their should provide the best care of their children and give them full right to make their own decision.


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