UNFPA presents an initimate look at child brides

This video shows how children in India are talking a stand and saying ‘no’ to their families about child marriage. They want to study and grow up like a normal child, they’re walking away from their cultural norms and realising that they have a voice, this just shows how we can change minds of this generation by working together!


2 thoughts on “UNFPA presents an initimate look at child brides

  1. From a westerner’s point of view the concept of child marriage is outrageous, but when combatting the situation it must be treated with respect because although it may not be acceptable in western culture at all, it still remains a strong part of Indian culture and religion. Being told that your culture is wrong by a foreigner could makes things worse so it is extremely important that when combatting cultural issues such as this respect must be shown and progression must be monitored with patience.


  2. This video is really interesting as it just goes to show that education is changing traditional perceptions and values about what is important, people are realising that sometimes cultural traditions can have detrimental affects in later years as the boy in the video said, ‘my parents were illiterate when they had me’. This also shows how the importance of education for girls is becoming recognised which will only contribute towards finally reaching gender equality in countries such as this. I am a student myself and I’m very fascinated by the subject of child marriage and how these out dated traditions need to be changed. It was good to see a different perspective as usually child marriage only refers to girls however this post demonstrates that young boys are equally rejecting the notion of young marriage and saying ‘a child can look after a child’. I do however agree with the above comment that although these kinds of traditions may seem alien and absurd to a westerner, we must be careful not to impose our view of what is right on others as it is a sacred tradition and should really be respected. Lets just hope one day all children will have the chance to achieve at least basic level of education in order to provide better futures.


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