Child Marriage in Malawi

Malawi has one of the biggest rates of child marriage in the world, 1 in 2 girls marry before the age of 18. In this video from the Human Rights Watch you can see that even in schools they try and teach students the downside to child marriage as a preventative measure and encourage them to further their education and make something out of themselves.

They common trends of poverty and child marriage are being understood overseas now and these young women are now learning that entering a child or forced marriage is just continuing the cycle of poverty, as well as local officials such as police officers sending abused wives back to their husbands. Corruption such as that will make everyone else’s job of eradicating these marriages that much harder.


4 thoughts on “Child Marriage in Malawi

  1. This issue of girls marrying at a young age is a perpetuating cycle that is very hard for a girl who finds herself in that position to escape from. Girls are forced into marriage because she is no longer financially dependent on her parents if she is married. To an extent, girls are seen as a burden rather than someone to nurture. Once they are married they cannot go to school. This limits her ability to become financially independent and she is subjugated by her husband, who is much older than her. The root of these issues lies in poverty and cultural norms. If a family had more household income a girl would be able to go to school and then earn money for herself and her family. If this practice did not take place parents would not see marrying off their daughter as an option. This is undeniably a complex issue and, in Malawi’s case, the government needs to act to introduce stricter laws on young girls being married off to older men. Maybe a solution is to make it illegal as this would act as a deterrent.


  2. Marriage and having children has always posed a burden on a person’s dreams and aspirations in life, especially on females as traditionally they would stay at home and look after the children as the male pursues a career. This tends to be the case however developed a country is. This being the case people often have the most freedom when they are younger, having no stresses of raising a family, being who they want to be. Because of child marriage girls are getting married and having children so young that the unique privileges and liberties of childhood are snatched away. As mentioned in the video not all girls are directly forced into it but an argument is that if a girl is not forced into it by a direct force they will be by the indirect effects of poverty. To solve this problem of child marriage it can be asked as to what is the cause and effect, between poverty and child marriage. So before the child marriage issue can be truly be solved the need for poverty to be eradicated is essential or girls will continue to feel the need to marry young to ensure their survival.


  3. Child marriage is in some aspect are part of culture and tradition in many countries such as Malawi. Having said this, it is difficult to interfere with something that has been ingrained for many generations. Education seems to be the only measure to reduce this practice. Educating females of their worth and the opportunities available for them in the future and men about the value of women. I feel that targeting the younger generations would have more impact.


  4. Child marriage is a topic that should be listened to internationally until and stop is put to this. Putting an end to young girls childhood and education is simply a disgrace. After watching this video, which brought a tear to my eye as children live in fear of their husbands, families and in fear for the future of their children which they are forced to have at such a young age their bodies have not had the time to develop in order to carry a child.

    As was well pointed out in the video in India, children are having children. In order to stop this vicious cycle continuing for centuries to come a stand should be take to place a law in which protects children being married.


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